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Al Barsa, Jr. is President of Barsa Consulting Group, LLC, and Barsa Systems Distribution, Inc., which specialize in the IBM® iSeries and AS/400® servers.

Al covers new hardware and software announcements for iSeries NEWS and is the Immediate Past President of the Long Island Systems User Group.

Al is very active in the COMMON organization as a frequent speaker at both U.S. COMMON and COMMON Europe, as an Editor of the COMMON technical library, and as a member of the Speaker Excellence Committee.  He has addressed AS/400 user groups throughout the world.

Al has been voted COMMON's "Best Speaker", and has received COMMON's highest honor, the Distinguished Service Award.  In 2000 and in four prior years, Al has been named on the 'AS/400 Insider Weekly's' "10 Biggest AS/400 Market Influencers" list, making him the only person in the world ever to be named five times!



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